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Our experience and skills cover a wide scope of industries. Some of our recent projects are noted below. With our team’s wide-ranging expertise across various fields, we manage to meet every challenge and achieve successful results. Check out our projects and contact us to learn how we can help you.

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2 x 10,000kg Tandem Galvanizing Crane

UK, February 2022


- Wireless Profi-Safe bridge
- S7-1500 & ET200SP Control system
- Screenless HMI to monitor operations
- Remote access to PLC & HMI
- Controlled via Radio Control

Levate were contacted by a galvanizing plant in February 2022 as they wanted to replace their current overhead crane system. The tandem crane system allows the operator to operate two cranes simultaneously from one remote control transmitter. As ever safety was a big factor in this application, therefore a wireless Profinet bridge was used with a S7-1500 Failsafe CPU. The two cranes communicate to each other, monitoring tandem operations and prevents dangerous events occurring.


The crane system is also connected to the internet, allowing our engineers & site to monitor things such as number of operations and hours run. This also also remote access to help diagnose problems when something goes wrong.

The Demag DH hoist was specified by Levate, due to its rugged construction and excellent performance in this corrosive environment.


2 x 2500kg Galvanizing Canopy Crane

UK, June 2023


- Galvanizing canopy attached to crane
- Condition monitoring system

In June 2023 Levate supplied a new canopy crane crane to a customer in the UK. The crane was to be used over the zinc bath in a hot dip galvanizing plant. The canopy was able to lift and lower on the crane via the radio control system.

LED light fittings were installed inside of the canopy, allowing the operators to view the operations through the window. The crane had an additional condition monitoring system installed onboard, allowing the engineers to carry our preventative maintenance.


Pantograph Crane

Oxford, June 2019


- Electrically actuated feet
- Controlled via Radio control
- Siemens S7-1200 PLC

Levate were chosen in June 2019 to complete a pantograph crane system for a luxury car manufacturer in the UK. The crane would pick and place cars onto the main production line.

Electrically actuated feet could be controlled via the radio control system, to pick up the car. A load arrest system was also installed as a backup safety system, in case of failure in hoisting.

The system is controlled via a Siemens S7-1200 PLC located in the control panel. 

Photo 05-07-2020, 12 38 15 (1).jpg

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Hereford, July 2020


- Load summation
- Controlled via Radio control

In July 2020 Levate supplied a new double girder crane to a customer in Hereford. The crane featured 2 electric rope hoists with load summation between the two units.

LED light fittings were fitted to the underside of the crane beams that were controlled via the radio control system.

All travel functions on the crane were operated by Schneider VFD's.

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